78 Tips to Crafting a Posh Wedding on a Shoestring Budget -- Transcripted Text Version

Hey you lovebirds, it’s your wedding Bridal Fairy Godmother, Brittany! We like to get a lil Cinderelly Cinderelly here at Epic Love Weddings, hehe. Now, let me spill the tea – I’ve been the maestro of weddings, the ringmaster of romance, and the guru of glitz for way too long! (Ahem, am I aging myself now?) Anyway, picture me orchestrating ceremonies like a seasoned pro, with a touch of glam and a sprinkle of pizzaz. 

Now, you might wonder, “Brittany, this is sus, why are you spilling your wedding secrets for free?”  Well, gather around, lovebirds. I get it – weddings are like planning a Broadway show on a community theater budget. I’m here to empower you, the ambitious, the go-getters, the fearless DIY dreamers! You can totally rock your wedding planning like a champ with these tips, but brace yourselves; it’s like herding glitter-covered cats.

Sure, you could be your own wedding superhero, but let’s be real – it’s a glittery maze of details, decisions, and enough stress to turn Cinderella into the Hulk.  No need for Bridezilla, Ladies. Which is where I ride in on my Lisa Frank wedding unicorn. With my expertise, I could turn your DIY dreams into a symphony of sophistication, maybe even save you some moolah! Because I’ve seen it all, from cake fiascos to bouquet dramas – and trust me, it’s not always a piece of wedding cake.

So, whether you’re the fearless DIY diva or the “I-need-a-wedding-superhero” type, I’ve got your back. Let’s sprinkle some magic on that aisle and make your wedding dreams slay brighter than a disco ball! Now here’s your precious freebies, fam – soak up these tips! Just the tips???

  1. Elevate your ambiance without breaking the bank, fam, by choosing a venue with personality. Think aquariums, zoos, or even historic sites – places that bring the pizzazz without a hefty price tag.
  2. Ditch the “basic” venues and go for a vacation home or private estate; sure, it might cost a week’s rent, but it’s like getting a high-end venue on a discount, no cap.
  3. Unleash your inner stylist! Pick a theme and make it the VIP of your event. From elegant scrollwork on invites to gobo lights on the dance floor, let that motif slay all night, sister. No mo FOMO with the gobo. 
  4. Spice up your color palette without emptying your pockets. Think chocolate brown or deep eggplant – they’re like the fashionistas of hues and play well with others. Who wrote this… Chat GPT?
  5. Host a cocktail reception that’s more about the show than the servings. Tuxedo-clad butlers passing around stylish hors d’oeuvres? It’s like a classy food runway, darling. (Like a valley girl) “EXTRAA!!”
  6. Make your wait staff the fashion stars – white gloves, anyone? They’re a steal at just 50 cents a pair, and suddenly, your servers are red-carpet ready. (Flexes) FLEX! 💪 
  7. Give the bride and groom’s chairs a floral couture upgrade – a small bouquet or a garland can turn those chairs into thrones. Goals. (looks over) Shoes.  OMG Shoes. (Looks back) Sorry, Shiny Objects distract me.
  8. Shed some light on the party, literally. Up-lights on walls or a couple of well-placed lights can transform the vibe of the room without burning a hole in your wallet. Once again, LITERALLY. 
  9. Forget basic chairs; go for white suede for the VIP table and regular white chairs for the common folk. **winks** 
  10. Banish bland banquet chairs; welcome chic chiavari or chameleon chairs to the party. Because who needs basic when you can have fabulous? 
  11. Illuminate your tables with pin spot lights – it’s like a spotlight for your centerpiece. A small investment for a big impact. LIT!!! 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼Like, literally lit. 
  12. Treat your guests to some posh comfort with plush lounge furniture. It’s surprisingly affordable – a set of curved benches can make your venue feel like a luxury lounge. On Fleek! That’s right, I said that.
  13. Personalize with flair! Custom window clings or glassware monograms are the VIPs of personalization – your venue’s glass doors and drinkware will thank you. Alllll the Feels.
  14. Make a statement with wrought-iron trees – they’re the fashion-forward backdrop your event deserves. If your event were an Instagram post, these trees would be the trendsetting filter you didn’t know you needed. Spice it up with votives and glittering ornaments for a touch of sparkle that’s as extra as your brunch plans.
  15. Embrace Mother Nature’s glam side. Fill tall vases with river rocks and dramatic branches – it’s earthy, upscale, and your entrance will be the talk of the town.  Damn, Gina! 

Table Tips

  1. Level up your table game with linens that scream glamour – pintuck, shantung, or any fabric that makes you say, “Wow!” At $15 to $30 per table, it’s the budget-friendly equivalent of a mic drop.
  2. Napkin alert! Rent them in colors or patterns at a mere $1 a pop. Not only will your guests wipe their mouths, but they’ll also wipe away any doubts about your style game.
  3. Go big or go home, or in this case, go a little longer with your linens. Let them pool for that “I woke up like this – fabulous” vibe.
  4. Be a table fashionista – throw on a gauzy overlay for $9 to $25. Feeling crafty? Sheer organza from the fabric store can turn into overlays at just $5 to $7 each. Who said tables can’t have wardrobe changes? Goals.
  5. DIY alert! Get your crafty groove on and make your own DIY table runners – because nothing screams ‘I adulted today’ like creating chic decor that’s Instagram-ready. (Winks Cheesy) You’ll feel like a crafting genius, your tables will be the envy of every artisanal brunch in town.
  6. Napkins are like origami for your table – fold them fancy, create pockets for menus, and watch your place settings become conversation starters. It’s kinda a vibe. 
  7. Napkin rings are the jewelry of the table. Rent them in various styles or splurge at 99 cents apiece – your table deserves some bling. (Winks & smiles Big with a ding)
  8. Flowers meet fashion – top each napkin with a bloom and tie it up with a coordinating ribbon. Your napkin just became a runway model. (Walks at camera like runway model) 
  9. Tables are tired of being round. So give those round tables a break – it’s time for the long and fabulous rectangular upgrade. Same cost, extra chic – because who said sophistication couldn’t come with a side of budget-friendly brilliance?
  10. Charger plates are the unsung heroes – add color or texture underneath your dinner plates for a dining experience that’s Instagram-worthy.
  11. Votives, but make ‘em lit AF, colored or etched – it’s like giving your candles a makeover without breaking the bank. Craft stores, here we come, fam!
  12.  Trade flower power for crystal charm with candelabras – because romance should be as effortless as a viral TikTok trend. And Candelabras draped in crystals screams romance! Your tables will be sparkling with gratitude, and your wallet will be silently cheering in the background.
  1. Mirrors and frosted glass – the magic trick that turns tables into lit showpieces without the linen cost. Abracadabra!
  2. Give your flowers a fashion upgrade – wrap glass containers in handmade paper, wallpaper, or fabric. Flowers never looked so chic. T’will clock you right in the feels! 
  3. Centerpieces on a budget – tall cylinders from the dollar store meet orchids and floating candles. Who knew the dollar store was this stylish?  
  4. Let there be candlelight! It’s the budget-friendly way to turn your venue into a romantic haven. It’s a mood, fam.
  5. Colored water in centerpieces – because magic happens when candlelight and color collide. It’s like a fairytale, but on a budget, my precious Cinderellies
  6. White plates are so last season – bring on the colored or patterned china. At $3-$7 per setting, your tables just got a fashion upgrade.
  1. Centerpiece mix and match – vary the height, size, or shape. It’s like creating a floral symphony that keeps the eye dancing.
  2. Metallic madness – go gold without breaking the bank. Shimmery linens and golden favor boxes, because your wedding deserves to sparkle. 
  3. Containers with character – cowboy boots filled with wildflowers? Yee-haw, that’s what we call casual elegance. 
  4. Double the bloom impact with mirrors – it’s like getting a two-for-one deal on flower fabulousness.
  5. Citrus chic – fill clear containers with sliced limes, lemons, or oranges. It’s the zestiest centerpiece in town. So turn your table into a citrus fiesta – because nothing says ‘squeeze the day’ like a centerpiece that’s as fresh and vibrant as your squad, Ladies!
  6. Ribbon revolution – from candleholders to favor boxes, sticky dots and ribbon are your secret weapons for a design upgrade.

Impressive Stationery Ideas

  1. Be the maestro of stationery – get those invites professionally designed and print your save-the-dates, programs, and menus like a boss. It’s like having a symphony of style at your fingertips.
  2. Calligraphy, schmalligraphy! Print your envelopes with a touch of digital charm, or let the local print shop work its magic for pennies. Who needs fancy hand strokes when you’ve got pixels, fam?
  3. Glamour alert! Kick off your celebration with invites that scream, “Get ready for fabulous!” Move over, standard white cards; color is where the real party’s at.
  4. Bling, baby, bling! Faux crystals on everything – bouquets, cakes, invites. They’re like the glitter of the wedding world, and you can snag them at your local craft store for a steal.
  5. Menu magic – beautiful menus for everyone. Your venue might print them for free, or you can channel your inner DIY guru without breaking the bank.
  6. Shape up your cards – who said they have to be typical fold-overs? Triangles, circles, maybe even a star – be the Picasso of escort cards on a budget.
  7. Calligraphy splurge – because sometimes, your cards need a touch of handwriting glamour. Who cares if it’s not yours?
  8. Metallic sheen for the win – forget flat card stock, go for the shimmer. It’s like your escort cards just got a makeover in Hollywood. Winning!
  9. Spell it out – literally. Ask your calligrapher to turn numbers into words because, why be basic when you can be extra?
  10. Branch out – literally. Hang those escort cards from branches or let them cozy up in grass, sand, or rocks. Because tables are so last season.

Entertainment Tips

  1. Ready for the ultimate cocktail hour vibes? Swap the whole orchestra for a slick three-piece ensemble, and your budget is about to thank you for the encore.
  2. Solo musician alert – let that classical guitarist steal the spotlight. Who needs a whole band when one person can strum their way into everyone’s hearts? It’s like musical magic, for real.
  3. DJ meets live musicians – the perfect musical mashup. Get the dance floor grooving without breaking the bank. It’s a vibe that’ll have everyone talking.
  4. DJ with a side of bongo or sax – because beats and brass make a marriage made in musical heaven!

Wedding Food Tips

  1. Nibbles with pizzazz – red gazpacho shooters with a green garnish are the runway models of butler-passed foods.
  2. Amuse-bouche time! Espresso cup soups, mini crab cakes – kick off your meal with a tasty teaser, minus the extra cost of a salad. It’s like a culinary adventure from the get-go.
  3. Food presentation, but make it fashion – shot glasses, ceramic teaspoons, you name it. It’s like serving dinner in a Michelin-starred art gallery. Your plates are the canvases of a food masterpiece.
  4. Global cuisine on a budget – think Mexican, Indian, or Greek. Your taste buds will thank you for this cultural trip. It’s a flavor-packed journey around the world.
  5. Duo or trio delight – fewer courses, more flavor. Negotiate like a foodie pro and treat your guests to a culinary symphony. It’s like a food festival on each plate.
  6. Leaf it to style – appetizers on tropical leaves, chargers made of leaves. Mother Nature just became your sous-chef. Your tables are turning into an eco-chic paradise.
  7. Herb and flower power – because nothing says chic like pretty pansies and edible blossoms on your plate. Your dishes are about to bloom with flavor.
  8. Waiters working the room – it’s like a VIP service upgrade. Specialty drinks coming through, and most venues include it – win-win! Your guests are getting the royal treatment.
  9. Classic cocktails, the comeback kings. Old-fashioned, anyone? Two kinds of mixed drinks, and suddenly your reception is a vintage-style soirée. It’s like stepping back in time with a modern twist.
  10. Champagne towers are back – stack those glasses high and drop in raspberries for extra oomph. It’s bubbly brilliance. Your toasts are going to be Instagram-worthy.
  11. Fruit in your water, because hydration should be delicious. Float a slice and watch your H2O get a fruity makeover. It’s like spa water, but fancier.
  12. Signature cocktail sensation – who needs a full bar? One signature drink, please, matching your wedding colors, of course. Your drink menu is about to get an upgrade.
  13. Cake fashion show – fresh flowers instead of sugar paste. It’s the runway of wedding desserts without the high price tag. Your cake is ready to strut its stuff.
  14. Dessert plates get a chocolate drizzle makeover – sweet and simple. Because chocolate makes everything batter. Your desserts are on a whole new level of decadence.
  15. Coffee with a twist – rock candy swizzle sticks for a chic caffeine kick. Coffee just got a stylish upgrade. Your coffee station is the talk of the town.
  16. Goodies galore – cookies, candy, potato chips in vases and containers of all shapes. Your snack bar just became a work of art. It’s a snack extravaganza.
  17. Goodie bags with style – stamp them with your names or logo. Because even leftovers deserve to look good. It’s like a parting gift from the foodie gods.
  18. Favors that multitask – escort card holders with a twist. Write names on pots with a plant inside – it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Your favors are the plant-powered heroes of the day.
  19. Miniature pies for the win – skip the elaborate cake and go for individual servings of sweetness. Dessert goals achieved. It’s like a personal pie party.
  20. Cupcake tower magic – tiers of cupcakes for a budget-friendly delight. Who needs a traditional cake when you can have a tower of sweet bliss. Cupcakes are the new cake.
  21. Brownie bonanza – because sometimes, you just need a tower of outrageously rich brownies. Chocolate heaven awaits. Your sweet tooth is in for a treat.
  22. Fondant, but make it gold or silver – forget the plain white. Your cake just got a metallic makeover fit for a dessert diva. It’s like your cake dressed up for a glamorous night out