Social Media Content Creator

Elevate Your Wedding Memories With Our New Service: Social Media Content Creator Introducing Social Media Content Creation for Your Special Day In a world where instant gratification reigns supreme, we understand that not every couple wants a full-length wedding film. That’s why at Epic Love Wedding Films, we’re excited to introduce our latest offering – the […]

Brittany, Our Bridal Fairy Godmother

Bridal Fairy Godmother Once upon a time, in the enchanting world of vintage boutique storybook weddings, a young woman named Brittany embarked on her journey as a Wedding Coordinator. With her newly launched branch of the wedding business, she embraced the whimsical title of Bridal Fairy Godmother, drawing inspiration from Disney’s Cinderella. Brittany was about […]

Alien Love: Exploring the Possibility of Extraterrestrial Connections in Modern Relationships

Alien Love: Exploring the Possibility of Extraterrestrial Connections in Modern Relationships Introduction: In the realm of love and relationships, the human experience has always been a subject of fascination. However, on the podcast Matrimony Mony, hosted by Zach and his girlfriend Brittany, love takes an extraordinary twist as they delve into the enigmatic world of […]

A Hilariously Terrible Love Story by Chat GPT

The Stillness of Moons:A Love Story by a Chatbot So with all the chatter surrounding Chat GPT (pun fully intended) & AI in general, I had to see what all the hype was about, so I signed with Chat GPT to have a conversation with a sophisticated AI bot. Well, sophisticated might be a bit […]

Matrimony Mony, Episode One: Brachnolia

Matrimony Mony, An Epic Love Podcast. Episode 1: Brachnolia. Epic Love team takes on the powerful 90’s cult film Magnolia in Episode One of Matrimony Mony, an Epic Love Podcast. Magnolia is a film by Paul Thomas Anderson, and one that happened to have a large impact on the life of Epic Love Visionary, Zach […]

Introducing Matrimony Mony, an Epic Love podcast

Matrimony Mony, An Epic Love Podcast Matrimony Mony • A podcast on Spotify for Podcasters We are your guides in the storm. Because there is a storm afoot, make no mother-fucking mistake. We will never lie to you about this fact. This isn’t a world with simply magical unicorns farting out colorful rainbow dust and […]

Story of Nate & Erin

Story of Nate & Erin I met Erin a little over 10 years ago while working at a custom t-shirt printing company in Ann Arbor, MI.  I was failing miserably at yet another menial level job—story of my life—while Erin was doing rather well, comparatively, in a more managerial role at the company, having parlayed […]

Our Origin Story

Our Origin Story There is so much history between Colin & I that it truly boggles the mind. It is very difficult to know where to start, frankly, but I will take a stab at it.  After graduating with a degree in Film and Video Studies from University of Michigan, I moved back to the […]