Our Story

Zach moved back to the frosty hinterlands of northern Michigan after graduating with a degree in Film and Video Studies from University of Michigan in 2005. There he met Colin. They became fast friends, creating various forms of art together ever since. This includes a long, fruitful collaboration in an indie band. These collaborations have resulted in their unique working chemistry. A shorthand between them has developed, which is the foundation of Epic Love. They have been honing their filmmaking craft together over the past ten years. Weddings have become the cornerstone of their filmmaking passion.

Recently, Zach’s very own love story began with Brittany Allum. With a passionate story to make any Hollywood Rom Com starlet blush, they took a leap of faith plunge.  Zach moved across the country to be with Brittany after only six months of dating. They now call Atlanta, Georgia home. This serves as home-base for Epic Love Wedding Films. Brittany has become an integral member of the Epic Love team. She is a consummately talented storyteller in her own right.