Meet the Team

Epic Love started as the passion project of two hopeless romantics, Zach & Colin, long time best friends, creative collaborators, indie musicians, & all around gentlemen. Zach fell in love with Brittany, who now leads the Epic Love Beauty Team (Hair & Makeup). 

Epic Love is a team of starry-eyed artists, hellbent on making creative statements reverent to the mysterious spirit of true love.  They insist on bravely pushing against the grain when called, but only in the name of authentic beauty, poetry & art.  They believe deeply in your love, because your love is the deepest truth.     

Colin McCormick

As resident “wild man” and the largest source of comic relief in the organization, this guy is sort of a big deal. He also adds his expertise to the team in small doses, twiddling knobs for the Epic Love‘s backend technology, & letting all bask in his C+ business student abilities. He’d like you to think his notebook is full of gibberish. Nope. Solutions to all the world’s problems. Best believe.

Brittany Allum

A true bad-ass chick who has been cultivating her chops in the beauty industry for well over a decade. She has experience owning her own hair salon, & has now assembled a troop of super talented young women for Epic Love Beauty Team, who are taking wedding beauty to the next level, specializing in  subtle, organic boho chic vibes, replete with dewy skin & dried flowers in braided buns.

Zachary Jones

Zach graduated with a degree in Film & Video Studies from University of Michigan way too many years ago.  He barely remembers it. After shooting Bar & Bah Mitzvahs for a bit, he expanded into other event work, eventually shooting the fateful first wedding of his friend Brandon Swingle.  He fell in love with telling love stories on that very first wedding. Is it terribly cliché to say the rest is history?