What is The Glass Slipper?

Welcome to our blog, The Glass Slipper. Why is it called The Glass Slipper, you ask? That is a very good question. You see, the name did not come from me, but rather, it came from my business partner, Colin. So I will admit that I am not completely certain why he chose it. 

Like the best of us, Colin can march to the beat of his own drum. His banter can have a bit of a random vibe, but often upon closer scrutiny, there is a THERE there. And for those of us with a bit of a “woo woo” tendency, and I include myself in this camp, one might say his seemingly random remarks can hold a modicum of the mystical, even, at times. One might even drop a word like synchronicity, or is the shit getting too Jungian for you?  But he would never admit to any of this deeper meaning. Not for one second, no sir. There is never an explanation to his non sequiturs, which is all part of the charm. 

Now, for those of you throwing up in your mouths over all this pseudo-spiritual drivel, I understand. There was a time when I agreed with you wholeheartedly. Any remote whiff of the “new age” and I was out of there, hard-style. But now I’m not so sure. How do such seemingly random utterances often hold so much obvious truth & mystery so consistently?

At any rate, The Glass Slipper idea felt pregnant with meaning to me. Not only does it evoke childhood nostalgia, with a solid dollop of Disney schmaltz, but it made me realize how deeply these fairy tales have burrowed into our psyches. Or to say it slightly more pretentiously, how deeply WE have burrowed into OUR archetypal myths.   (Jung just rolled in his grave again.) After all, aren’t we ALL looking for the proverbial glass slipper? Looking for the magical thing that will allow us to see through the illusion? 

So bear with us, The Glass Slipper blog could get a tad heady at times, but hopefully we will always reign it back in, and land in a more accessible place.  The most important thing to say about the symbol of the glass slipper is that it served as a bit of a divining rod in the story of Cinderella, didn’t it? It was the way for Prince Charming to cut through the dystopian illusion of the world and to re-see his Magical Princess, once more. Because isn’t that how reality feels sometimes? Whether or not we have already found our magical partner, or are still looking, aren’t we all just trying to see the magic we know is already there all the time? 

Yep, we’re getting a little woo woo again, sorry. But it’s all to say that we know deep down that our magical prince or princess exists on some level of reality, but it’s just so hard to see it as this sometimes. We know that this is the real truth of love. Reality is truly something magical, despite what our seemingly infinite doom scrolling of hellish world events would have us believe. But we know deep down the world is a magical place, and full of love. So we are right to be in love with the world in a fundamental sense, yeah?  But that begs the question. What the fuck is love, anyway? 

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