Alien Love: Exploring the Possibility of Extraterrestrial Connections in Modern Relationships


In the realm of love and relationships, the human experience has always been a subject of fascination. However, on the podcast Matrimony Mony, hosted by Zach and his girlfriend Brittany, love takes an extraordinary twist as they delve into the enigmatic world of Alien Love. This thought-provoking episode explores the concept of extraterrestrial beings and their alleged connection to the human race. Inspired by a New York Times article, “2 Navy Airmen and an Object That ‘Accelerated Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen’,” written by Helene Cooper, Leslie Kean, and Ralph Blumethal, Zach and Brittany explore the notion that we are being visited by intelligent life from beyond our planet.

The Changing Landscape of Alien Beliefs:

Historically, discussions about extraterrestrial life have been dismissed as fringe theories or relegated to science fiction. However, the tide has shifted in recent years, thanks to the New York Times article that brought legitimacy to the idea of UFO sightings and encounters. This groundbreaking report garnered attention from prominent intellectuals who began to treat the subject with newfound seriousness, marking a turning point in the way society perceives and discusses extraterrestrial phenomena.

Personal Encounters: Brittany’s Connection with Alien Beings:

During the podcast episode, Brittany shares a remarkable personal experience that further fuels their belief in extraterrestrial contact. She recounts a vivid encounter where she believes she communicated with a disembodied blue Sirian or possibly a Pleiadian being through psychic means. This otherworldly entity allegedly performed Reiki work on her from a different dimension of consciousness. Astonishingly, Brittany was told that she herself is a Pleiadian, while Zach is believed to be a Mantis Being (Mantid) inhabiting a human form. These revelations were synchronistic with profound spiritual experiences he had undergone.

The Galactic Federation and Starseed Beings:

According to their encounters, the beings Brittany and Zach connected with revealed that they are part of a collective known as the Galactic Federation, a group often referenced by humans when discussing interdimensional entities. The Mantis Beings, described as highly evolved universe-creating beings, and the gentle Pleiadians, each with their unique approach, have supposedly come to Earth as Starseed beings with a shared purpose—to assist and uplift humanity. In this extraordinary narrative, Brittany and Zach believe that their relationship represents a Galactic Alliance, a union between two distinctly different beings brought together to aid humanity in its evolution.


The concept of Alien Love, as explored by Zach and Brittany on the Matrimony Mony podcast, delves into the uncharted territory of extraterrestrial connections within modern relationships. While still considered unconventional by many, the increased recognition from credible sources and the openness of intellectuals to discuss the possibility of extraterrestrial life have transformed this topic into one worth exploring. Their personal encounters and synchronicities have further solidified their belief in the existence of extraterrestrial entities and their profound influence on their lives and relationship. Alien Love, as they call it, continues to be a unique lens through which they view their connection and purpose in the universe.

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